Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga has all these physical, mental and spiritual benefits for your mind body and soul. Practicing in the heat is fun, empowering and energising and will leave you feeling cleansed calm and grateful.


Vinyasa yoga builds physical strength, the more you practice the more you feel the practice becoming easier and you will quickly gain the ability to flow into more challenging poses. As muscles are strengthened posture and body alignment are also improved.


Yoga is known as “moving meditation”, the physical practice helps in clearing the mind and the meditative aspects have an impact on thoughts and increases mental alertness. This is the perfect opportunity to reflect, reset and calm and balance the mind.


Yoga postures focus on stretching, twisting and compressing the body. This encourages the flow and good function of the digestive system and aids the removal of harmful toxins found deep in the body’s tissues, this helps in detoxify the body.


Hot yoga heightens the physical environment, which, for most, encourages you to be present and take note of your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. Turning attention inwards allows time to really focus on how you feel spiritually mentally and physically rather than being influenced by all the external factors of every day life.


Stress is an inevitable part of life, particularly in the western world, we have never ending to do lists and priorities, our minds are forever active. We are influenced by social media and other peoples seemingly perfect lives, we rush from here to there and we often forget to think about important things like breathing.  Being able to breathe in stressful situations brings clarity and has a positive impact on decisions and reactions. Yoga will guide you to  focus on your breath decreasing stress levels off the mat and into your daily life.


Due to the temperature in the studio you will sweat more excessively than during other exercise this releases toxins from the pores,  increase circulation and accelerates the detoxifying effects these postures have on the body. Sweating is also a great way to rid the body of excess water and salt along with  environmental chemicals and other pollutants that are found in sweat.


Experiencing a deep sweat is a great way to open pores and rid dirt, grime, and other stubborn bacteria that clogs pores, leaving your skin with a post-yoga glow. 


The external heat allows muscles to expand and contract to greater limits so that higher flexibility can be achieved without the risk of injury. This means that hot yoga is an useful practice for athletes, trainers, dancers, or anyone looking to improve flexibility.


Yoga is as an amazing full-body workout. Due to the constant movement and increased heat your heart will pump leading to lean muscles and there is no doubt that you will burn calories in every hot yoga class.