What do I need to know?

Our classes are for everyone, if you can breathe you can do yoga.

We ask you to listen to your body and modify when it tells you to, you know your body better than anyone else and this is your practice, remember its not about touching your toes but what you learn on the way down! There will be no judgment or expectations and we ask all students to be respectful if this.

Be prepared for a high energy complete mind and body experience.

We will open the doors 15 minutes before class start time. On your first visit you will be asked to complete a student information form so your details can be added to our database, this will take 5-10 minutes so please allow enough time for this. The reception door will be locked once the class starts and you will not be able to enter if you arrive after this time.

We invite you to arrive at the studio 15 minutes before class to give you time to really arrive onto your mat, switch off from the hectic outside world, focus on the breath, warm your body and be present.

We advise you to wear light close fitting, breathable clothing. We have showers and changing cubicles, if you need to get changed before or after classes and a unisex locker room where you can leave your belongings. Shoes should be removed in reception and left on the racks provided, no footwear is permitted in the locker room or studio.

Mobile phones should not be taken into the studio, we ask you to either switch off or onto silent before locking your phones away in the free lockers along with any other valuables. Other than your towel and water bottle no other items are required in the studio.

The studio is heated by radiant heat panels which will warm your body from the inside out, although the heat will be gentle at first when you start to move it may become overwhelming. At any point throughout the practice you can come back down onto your mat take sips of water, rest and bring your awareness back to your breath.

Yoga is a silent practice we ask you to remain silent on entering the studio.

What do I bring?

We want you to come as light as possible both mentally and physically, so we will provide mats, blocks and straps.

Towels can be hired from reception and reusable water bottles can be filled using our water filter system. Steel water bottles are available to be purchased from reception, bring this with you every time you come and you can refill using the water filter system. Our drinking water and showers are supplied by an EcoPura water filtration system which is one of the most advanced multi-stage water filter technology available, helping you to be clean and pure from the inside out.

We ask you to be mindful when purchasing plastic bottles and therefore encourage you to refill your reusable bottle whenever. We also sell coconut water which can be purchased from reception.