• 1. Monday
    Time Class Teacher
    6.00-7.00pm Evening – Hot Flow Claire
    7.15-8.30pm Hot Rocket Julio
  • 2. Tuesday
    Time Class Teacher
    9.30 - 10.30am Morning – Hot Flow Velette
    6:30pm-7:30pm Evening – Hot Flow Josie
    8.00-9:00pm Evening – Hot Flow Josie
  • 3. Wednesday
    Time Class Teacher
    6.30pm- 7.30pm Evening – Hot Flow Claire
    9.30 - 10.30am Morning – Hot Flow Josie
    8pm-9pm Evening – Hot Flow Sian
  • 4. Thursday
    Time Class Teacher
    6:30-7:30pm Evening – Hot Flow Josie
  • 5. Friday
    Time Class Teacher
    9.30 - 10.30am Morning – Hot Flow Sian
  • 6. Saturday
    Time Class Teacher
    9.30-10.30am Morning – Hot Flow Claire Studd/Hermione/Claire Waddington/Hermione alternate weeks commencing on 8th Jan
  • 7.Sunday
    Time Class Teacher
    10.00-11.00am Morning -Hot Ashtanga Josie
    11.30-1.00pm (Once per month, 14 November and 12 December) Hot Rocket Julio
    5pm-6.30pm (Last Sunday of Each Month) Flow Breathwork Mady
    6.00-7.15pm (Monthly First and third Sunday of each month) Candle Light Yin Josie

Single classes are an investment of £10.00, block class packages can be purchased below. £85 for 10 classes to be used in 3 months or £160 for 20 classes to be used in 6 months. Our monthly unlimited access to classes for 28 days is £70.00

All classes must now be booked in advance using the link below,  please only book on classes if you can attend, we are currently offering limited spaces per class and we don’t want people missing out when mats are left unused. If you are unable to attend classes, please cancel your booking via as soon as possible so someone else can take this space, classes must be cancelled 24 hours before class start time in order to obtain a refund (if you are on a block then one class will be removed from your pass) if after this time you are unable to attend we would be grateful if you would still cancel your booking.


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