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A space created for the Mind, Body and Soul

Be the Change, Be Yoga Space

We are delighted to confirm that the studio will reopen for studio classes on Monday 17 May.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you back.

Please note, all bookings must now be made in advance, you can book and purchase single and block classes below. Please see our classes and bookings page for more details. 


– The door will be open 15 minutes before class and locked at the class start time, if you are late unfortunately you will be unable to enter. On entering the studio please remove shoes and place on the racks, you should then sanitise hands at the station provided, only one student should be in reception at any time so please wait outside until reception is clear.
–  Please only bring what you need into the studio, the lockers are only for small personal items. The toilet will be available, please wash your hands and sanitise again when entering the studio. Showers will be closed until further notice. 
– Please bring your own towel to practice as these will not be provided or available for hire, no other items should be taken into the studio (including mobile phones)
– On entering the studio as always please remain silent, this practice is a moving meditation so no words are required. Please be respectful of the other students in the space. 
– Mats will still be provided for no additional cost. Mats and props will be throughly disinfected after class but you are welcome to bring your own if you would prefer. Mats have been laid out in order to comply with social distancing so please, do not move the mats. If you bring your own mat please roll our mat up before laying your mat down in line with the markers and the teacher will remove our the mat from the studio. 
– After class the teacher will open the studio door and the main door. Please leave the studio one by one, allow one person at a time to collect their belongings from the lockers, collect shoes and sanitise hands before you leave the studio complying with social distancing in all areas. The studio will then be cleaned to a high standard and well ventilated. Each day the studio will be deep cleaned ready for use.
–  If you are attending the second class on Tuesday or Thursday, please wait outside until the teacher invites you in and then observe the guidance above. Please note, all mats will be changed with new mats between the first and second class of the evening. 
– If you are feeling unwell or been around anyone unwell, please stay at home, take care of yourself and protect your community.
Thank you all for your corporation. 

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An environment where you feel comfortable being you, allowing you to take what you really need from your practice to create the best version of you both on and off the mat.